Neals Yard Remedies


Neals Yard products are used in all my treatments to ensure the highest quality essential oils. Clients may choose a pre-blended aromatherapy oil, specifically formulated from pure, wild-crafted and organic oils. Whether naturally cheering or deeply relaxing there’s a blend to suit your every mood to enhance your massage experience. Accompanied by Neals Yard aromatherapy candles to add further luxury and ambience.

De-Stress: Use this blend when you just want to escape your troubles and flop. Exotic ylang ylang is combined with heavenly neroli to transport you to a place of tranquillity.

Vitality: This blend helps you when your energy levels are low. Energising ginger and clove help a depleted system recuperate, giving you essential support and vitality when you need it most. A pure essential oil blend which brings renewed vigour for life.*

Calming: Blended with children in mind to calm them when overwrought but this blend is helpful for all of us when we need a relaxing aromatherapy hug!

Women’s Balance: One of the most popular oils, this blend helps harmonise any imbalances, both emotionally and physically. The rose and geranium will take the edge off your emotions giving you inner clarity and poise.

I am an Independent Consultant for Neals Yard products. If you would like more information on natural, organic health and beauty, or to order products, please contact me or click hereIndependent Consultant logo