Modern life is demanding. When you’re drained of energy and time, your own health often slips to the bottom of the list – it’s easy to let stress and tension build up in our bodies.

Deep tissue massage targets areas of discomfort and relieves tightness, but the psychological and physiological benefits are probably less well known. A massage can provide a powerful boost to your physical and emotional health. Taking time out to reconnect body, mind and soul helps you build resilience to stress.

At Pontesbury Massage, I’m passionate about massage and the power of these benefits. I want the local community to have access to a friendly, accessible and serene environment – to help you take control of your own preventative healthcare and wellbeing. To feel refreshed, revitalised, restored.

That’s why I’ve established Pontesbury Massage. To provide you with the ultimate in relaxation and therapeutic massage, in the heart of the Shropshire hills.